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Haircut - Women: 55+

Haircut - Men: 30+


Blow Dry: 35+

Formal Updo: 100+


Single Process: 70+

Single Process w/ Few Highlights: 105+

Full Highlights: 150+

Partial Highlights: 120+

Glaze: 30+

Color Correction: Consult


Coppola Keratin Treatment: 300+

Keratin Blowout: 150+

Keratin Blowout (if Cut or Color): 120+

Olaplex Bonding Treatment: 40+

Conditioning Treatment: 30+

Spiral Perm: 140+

Full Permanent Wrap: 105+

Partial Wave: 80+


+Color services do not include Haircut or Blow Dry

+Depending on the thickness and length of hair there may be an additional charge for extra time or product used on any Hair Design service